San Jose Police Bureaucrat Busted for Fentanyl Importation

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The executive director of the San Jose Police Officers' Association faces charges of drug trafficking for allegedly importing large quantities of synthetic opiates into the United States. Joanne Marian Segovia, 64, a twenty year employee of the police union, stands accused of “attempt[ing] to unlawfully import a controlled substance (specifically valeryl fentanyl).”

Filed on March 27, 2023, the charges in question are based on US Customs and Border Protection records, which show that “between October 2015 and January 2023, Segovia had approximately 61 shipments mailed to her home” from international drug traffickers based primarily in Asia, especially India and China. According to court documents, the shipments of narcotics were marked as mundane items like “Wedding Party Favors” and “Gift Makeup.”

When held for questioning, Segovia placed the blame for the illegal shipments on a family friend and personal housekeeper who, according to Segovia, used her smartphone to impersonate her in order to place the orders. Seized chat logs from Segovia's Whatsapp account, however, tell a different story.

Authorities believe that Segovia was in fact using a computer at her work office to arrange the illegal shipments. In several different text exchanges seized by authorities, Segovia goes as far as to casually divulge department info to an Indian drug trafficker. For instance, a text from May 2, 2022 reads “Im so sorry, im on a business trip because we had 2 officers that got shot! I should be home tomorrow night...”

The allegations against Segovia are particularly troubling, not only because the mass importation of incredibly deadly narcotics like fentanyl leads to upwards of 100000 overdoses a year, but because of the complicity of law enforcement in this crisis. Though comparatively rare, perhaps, the case of Joanne Marian Segovia is not an isolated incident. It is unclear whether any Segovia had any accomplices in the San Jose law enforcement community, or whether any colleagues were privy to her dealings. AP reports that Segovia's professional associates were shocked by the allegations. According to San Jose police union spokesperson Tom Saggau, “we didn't have any reason to suspect her.”

The ignorance of Segovia's colleagues in law enforcement is hardly comforting, however. If a 64-year old police bureaucrat can be so brazen as to conduct international drug trafficking from her department work computer, under the very nose of the San Jose police force, one can only imagine what drug trafficking crimes routinely transpire in police departments across the nation, on the taxpayer dollar no less, while thousands die every day from the toxic drugs flooding our streets. (Take, for instance, two cases from 2022 alone, one involving an officer from NYPD, another from Columbus PD.)

How many major police forces harbor (knowingly or not) such criminals on staff, even on active duty, all while we we pour billions every year into a failed war on drugs?

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