Four Paths Forward For the Libertarian Movement

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American liberty in the 21st century will live or die on how American libertarians navigate the unraveling of the two-party system, the rise of the police state, and the encroachment of the globalist, collectivist, technocratic agenda over the next decade. Even as our nation is torn apart by ethnic and cultural tensions, constantly exacerbated by the age-old abuses of American criminal justice system, an alliance of technocrats, social engineers, and Masonic elites are rapidly paving the way for the great work of world domination in the name of humanitarianism (think Agenda 2030, all to the endlessly repeating tune of “Build Back Better” and other sugar-coated platitudes).

Who is left to raise the alarm in 2021? The ever-accelerating death spiral of integrity in the Democrat Party has left the liberal establishment without a moral leg to stand on (but plenty of cringeworthy photoshoots like AOC crying in an empty parking lot and Pelosi and Schumer's kente cloth stunt)... Even as the Democrat establishment openly abets the advance of globalism under the banner of “social justice”, Democrat politicians are content to virtue signal while leaving America's draconian criminal justice system unreformed. Meanwhile a fractured GOP – one half run by traitorous fossils like Mitch McConnell, the other half still under the thumb of POTUS 45 – continues to reel from the chaotic fallout of the fraudulent 2020 election. Despite the anti-globalist platform of MAGA Republicans, the GOP has proven itself too racially myopic to advocate for the meaningful criminal justice reform demanded by minority communities across the country, and too entangled in pro-cop politics to check the advance of the global police state.

This poses a new predicament for traditional American libertarians, who have historically been cultural and political allies of the Republican Party. In the coming decade, however, this de facto alliance will become less feasible. If libertarianism wants to stay a relevant force in an age when global liberty is in peril, it must redefine itself for the needs of a changing nation, and seek to reach a broad, multi-racial coalition of Americans who are willing to live out a hardcore commitment to the principles of maximal liberty and minimal governance.

1 – Lose the Libertarian Party

While the Libertarian Party may once have served some commendable purpose in raising awareness of civil liberties issues in the US, it was never viable as the force behind a national political movement. For all practical intents and purposes, it is political and cultural dead weight. If Gary Johnson's 2016 “what's Aleppo” gaffe didn't convince you the Libertarian Party is out of touch, maybe this will.

However admirably its candidates conduct themselves in future elections, the rehabilitation of the Libertarian Party into a politically viable force is a costly and ultimately futile exercise, and a measure that would likely have the effect of limiting the “Overton Window” within libertarian discourse.

Libertarian runs at the presidency have always been a sideshow to the main circus act of election season, and this is unlikely to change, especially in this age of rampant electoral fraud. In a game where the house always wins, Libertarian Party bids at the presidency are nothing more than symbolic gestures that signal the supremacy of the two-party system and the impossibility of winning while playing the bipartisan game.

2 – Tear away from (Radical) Trumpism

However you feel about Donald Trump's first term, Pizzagate, or the results of the 2020 election, libertarians, particularly young libertarians, cannot make POTUS 45 their hill to die on. Am I telling you not to vote Trump in 2024? Of course not. Whether to vote, and who to vote for, is a morally complex decision, and ultimately up to the individual. Yet, even those who will vote for Trump again must be wary of embracing any ideology that centers on a Trump-savior narrative. Whatever veracity there may be to the shocking claims of Qanon proponents about the corruption at the heart of the Democrat establishment, this does not necessarily mean that DJT is the cure-all. Trump is, if nothing else, an incredibly shrewd and self-interested politician with a knack for playing on the passions of an outraged support base to build himself up into a larger-than-life hero. He was admirably effective in keeping us out of war, highlighting the hypocrisy of Big Tech and the MSM, and promoting a healthy economy, but DJT's mile-wide crony capitalist, cop-cozy, “LAW AND ORDER” tweeting authoritarian streak should give any libertarian reason for pause. Allowing Trump and Trumpism to continue dominating the discourse will only serve as a bottleneck for new libertarians, and create stagnancy at this vital juncture in our national history. Loyalty to any man, even a US president, cannot be made the litmus test of patriotism.

3 – Ditch the Thin Blue Line

A black and white US flag, with a ribbon of blue running across the eighth stripe from the top... this symbol, popularly known as the “Thin Blue Line”, is conventionally used to signal deference for American law enforcement which, as we are to understand from its central placement in this bleakly partitioned American flag, is the sole buffer between the American people and the forces of civil disorder...

And perhaps it is not coincidental that, if we take away the blue line, all that remains is the stark reality of America in black and white... Racial anxiety is indeed at the very root of the paradoxical tendency for libertarian patriot types to profess their support of law enforcement as a political maxim. This is nowhere more evident than in the knee-jerk reaction of so-called libertarian Republicans (under all other circumstances, ardent critics of the police state) to dismiss BLM calls for police reform out of hand. They are unable, or more likely unwilling, to differentiate between “Black Lives Matter,” a simple statement of acknowledgment that racial injustice in the US is ongoing and must be addressed, and Black Lives Matter (TM), a lab-grown collectivist chimaera whose putrid underbelly hosts a legion of parasitic Marxist pseudo-ideologies. So they stick a fresh new “Thin Blue Line” decal next to the faded Gadsden Flag on their car bumper, and call it a day. If this were not so common, I may be able to dismiss it. But I've seen it too many times to ignore what has almost become a cliché at this point. Such people may sleep more soundly thinking that the police are on their side...But are they really?

On both ends of the political spectrum, there persists the faulty perception that, if you are white, you are insulated from the abuses of the criminal justice system... Tell that to Justine Diamond. Tell that to Tony Timpa. Tell that to Daniel Shaver. Tell that to Ryan Whitaker, an innocent white man who, on May 21 2020, only four days before the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, was gunned down by Phoenix PD while kneeling in his own doorway when cops came to investigate an exaggerated late night noise complaint. Yet this act of brazen violence against an innocent American in his own home generated little national outrage, even among white Americans...

How far we have fallen! Remember how the Boston Massacre served as a rallying cry for the American Revolution? How many citizens have been killed by American cops under far less extreme circumstances? What white America shows when it dismisses protests against police killings is simply a gross desensitization to police brutality, and willingness to submit to a police state for the sake of convenience.

Simply said, it is not that police do not also exploit (through civil asset forfeiture), incarcerate, brutalize, and kill white Americans at rates that should be deeply disturbing for anyone concerned about civil liberties and constitutional rule of law. It is simply that police violence against white Americans is not deeply racialized in the same way that police violence against minorities is. As a result of this perception that police interactions are safe for white Americans (at least relative to minority-police interface), even liberals have largely failed to see that the abuses of law enforcement threaten the freedom of all Americans.

Too many have been propagandized into believing that police are on the side of ordinary, working Americans – that is, those in white suburbia. But the unconditional prioritization of suburban comfort – the “Suburban Lifestyle Dream,” as DJT put it – is ultimately incompatible with true libertarianism. We all saw in Summer 2020 how police departments across the country drew the riot lines at the richest neighborhoods, while leaving working class and middle class America to fend for itself against looting, burning, and mob violence. Meanwhile, riot cops fired paint canisters at Americans sitting on their front porches, all while the president tweeted his unconditional support for such measures. What Thin Blue Line?

Still, the bootlicking continues...The thinking behind this puzzles me immensely, especially when coming from self-proclaimed libertarians. When these freedom-loving patriots get pulled over for speeding, ignoring seltbelt laws, or driving with an expired concealed carry license, do they belligerently repeat “am I being detained?” or comply in gratitude for the officer's service on the front lines of the race war? How do they respond when the local police shut down their businesses and houses of worship? When the inevitable happens over the next decade, and law enforcement solidifies its growing alliance with the medical technocracy, will the Thin Blue Line flag outside your house save you from door-to-door vaccine enforcers? Will it take you off the FBI watchlist for circulating “dangerous conspiracy theories”? In the end, law enforcement is only as good as the laws themselves. Choose your political friends accordingly...

4 – Reject Identity Politics

If you go by the numbers, the average libertarian in America is a white man. This is unsurprising for most people, who associate the American libertarian with redneck masculinity, a love for capitalism, and unabashed worship of the American Revolution. Maybe you can picture him already? What most don't realize, however, is that a racial breakdown of self-identified libertarians in America shows racial representation roughly proportional to the nation's demographic makeup. This is especially the case for millennial libertarians.

Moreover, we have every reason to believe that, if the discourse was shifted away from the pet issues of Republican libertarianism (free trade, environmental deregulation, cake-baking rights) to a focus on civil liberties issues that most directly affect poor, working class, and middle class Americans (freedom of assembly, freedom of movement, freedom from surveillance, rights of the accused, criminal justice/drug war reform), the numbers would show an even more diverse population of libertarian-aligned Americans.

After all, so many of the issues that libertarians have been sounding the alarm about for decades are now being taken up as rallying calls in minority communities. Although right-leaning Americans may be alienated by the liberal obsession with race-based identity politics, those who truly care about the Bill of Rights should be able to find common ground with left-leaning activists on policing issues like terry stops, search and seizure laws, and police brutality.

Contrary to the popular narrative, the civil liberties crises of the 21st century do not care about the color of your skin. Surveillance. Big data. Medical tyranny. Media censorship. Regardless of race or ideology, any American who doesn't want to live kneeling under the boot of the new technocracy and its police state enforcers should be able to find a home in the libertarian movement.

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