Down on Skid Row | A MUST SEE SKID ROW EXPOSÉ | Muckraker Report

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Located in the middle of Downtown Los Angeles, Skid Row is one of the largest homeless encampments in the United States. The area covers roughly 50 blocks (3 square miles), and it is estimated that between 4200-8000 souls call the streets of Skid Row home. Tents line entire city block sidewalks, drugs are used and sold openly in broad daylight, and there exists a constant threat of being robbed or worse. The streets of Skid Row are as raw as it gets. On Skid Row, what you see as a casual passerby is only the tip of the iceberg. Muckraker has gathered never before seen footage from inside a few of the tents to show you what life is like underneath the canopy. Muckraker brings you this footage without any prefabricated narrative or politicized spin—just a raw glimpse of what goes down on Skid Row. DISCLAIMER: Full disclosure was given to all interviewees as to the purpose of the interview and the intended use of the footage.

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