The 85 billion dollar gift to the Taliban

Aug. 30, 2021 / Thomas Hicks

The picture above from The Times and Sunday Times gives a visual representation of the 85 billion dollars worth of equipment left behind in Afghanistan, which the Taliban now commands.

Had that equiptment been brought back to home, every county in the Union could have recieved 14 SUV's, 7 humvees, and 2 military trucks. Enough AR-15's were left behind to arm every member of the Army National Guard, and enough pistols for every member of the Air National Guard. To put the cost into perspective, $85 billion divided across every man woman and child in the United States equates to $256 per person. To put it differently, an $85 billion defense budget for Afghanistan would rank the country 3rd in terms of total dollars spent on defense, behind only the United States and China.

This is what happens when citizens are asleep and decide to put blind trust in the so-called "experts". Mind you, these are the same "experts" who said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, who said that a war in the Middle East would be quick and victorious, and who ultimately ended up blowing an entire generation of fortune for a useless conflict in a country that most Americans cannot point out on an unmarked map. Not to mention the thousands of American servicemen and women and even more thousands of Afghan civilians who now turn over in their graves as the Taliban solidifies their Islamic Emirate.

Remember this going forward when the political hacks who got us into this mess inevitably try to usurp more power. Ask yourself honestly, are these "experts" the people you want in charge of your healthcare, or your retirement, or your children's education?

All is not lost if this moment acts as a splash of cold water in the face of our fellow zombified citizens who walk among us. There is still time to wake up and turn the ship around.

If, however, we continue with the age-old line of "I don't see how this affects me" or "why should I care," then future generations will recall this event as merely another blunder during the decline and collapse of the American republic.